Funny Coffee Mugs – The Best Humorous Coffee Mugs

Toilet shaped coffee mugLooking for funny coffee mugs? We have a pretty decent collection. You can even buy them online if you want one for yourself or to give it to someone dear. Yeah, that morning cup of coffee is best when sipped slowly with the loved ones, from a funny coffee mug. The funny mug that you give to your coworker will be the attraction of the office for the next couple of months. “Ha, ha, that’s so funny!” Sure, I love the “Best Dad” or “Best Mom” mugs, but I love even more one that says: “Not entirely myself right now, I need to finish my coffee.”

This collection of humorous coffee mugs had circulated for days via email and has made our mornings brighter. We even bought many of them, and in my office, there are quite a few of these cups. We love jokes almost as much as we love coffee, so there you go, we created this page.

Funny Coffee Mugs

Irish Names on Starbucks Coffee Cups

Irish Names Spelled Wrongly on Starbucks Coffee Cups

One of the funniest internet places related to coffee was the Instagram account @Irishstarbucksnames. The account posted coffee cups with badly spelled names. The most pictures come from the famous Starbucks chain. Daily Mail has an entire article dedicated to this. Unfortunately, the account was closed, we have no idea why. But seriously, Onion?…

Sleep Deprived Unicorn

Sleep deprived unicorn coffee Mug

It is obvious that the unicorn on this mug didn’t have the morning coffee yet. This is the reason it can’t stand people around. We can all relate to the feeling, at least a half an hour in the morning, until the magic, black liquid makes its way into our system.

Another Funny Coffee Mugs Collection

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