Coffee Poster – Cappuccino vs Latte vs Mocha

This infographic was created initially to show in a nice graphical way what are the differences between the most popular espresso-based beverages. We got a few compliments, and we thought we should turn it into a poster. It was a great idea because people absolutely love this poster. To be honest, I never expected this poster to be so popular. Our designer also made a mouse pad version, slightly different. You can find that at the bottom of the page.

This infographic is based on an article where we explain what are the differences between the most known espresso-based beverages. If you have this in your kitchen, you can show your guests very quickly what they get when they ask you for a cap or a flat white. Don’t own an espresso machine yet? You should probably check our guide on how to buy a super automatic. The super automatic espresso machines are the easiest to use and are the most convenient. You can pretend you are a barista.

Latte vs Cappuccino vs Mocha Poster

On the same theme, we made a mousepad that you can buy at The mousepad is slightly different, though the main theme is the same.

Latte vs Cappuccino vs Mocha Mousepad

We also have a page with funny coffee mugs, just the ideal gift for a coffee lover.

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