Espresso and Coffee Puns

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I Love Coffee and I Love Jokes

I love coffee and I like jokes. My wandering mind always enjoys a good pun or a joke. When the joke or pun is related to something I am passionate about, I enjoy it even more.

Here is a nice collection of coffee puns to get you through until the next coffee break. Whether you read these for yourself, or you want to prepare a gift for a coffee lover, or just to send a nice email to a co-worker, you have quite a few puns related to coffee and espresso to choose from. Some of these puns are collected from the Internet, but I have a few of mine in there as well.

Share your coffee pun in the comments area. We’d love to hear your best puns and jokes about coffee.

Espresso and Coffee Puns

I am shy but I get Help - espresso pun

  • I am very shy in public. I can, however, espresso myself quite adequate if I have a cup of coffee and a glass of wine.
  • Very mild, yet with a lot of energy, they helped us recover our focus by taking over the daily grind.

More Coffee Puns

  • I take life one cup at a time. This keeps me focused.
  • When I got to the office, the kitchen room was filled with familiar aromas. I had a strong feeling of “Deja Brew”. Oh no, I was late, I was going to suffer in silence drinking yet another cup of poorly brewed coffee.
  • I looked at the coffee pot and it looked very sad. I thought it was trying to tell me something. You must be thinking I’m crazy, but all that sadness was expressed in these two words: “Pour me!”

I take life one cup at a time

  • The coffee pot was mugged. The criminals took away all of the coffee.
  • Everybody at work looks horrified at my Turkish coffee. They say it’s too muddy. I say: “No it’s not muddy at all; it’s freshly ground.”
  • I’ve bean asked why I keep brewing coffee in an ibrik, when I have a nice espresso machine. I replied that Turkish coffee has a great sedimental value.
  • My friend, the hipster burnt his tongue. He must have sipped his coffee before it was cool.
  • Our mutual friend spilled her cup of coffee for the third time this week. We were wondering what’s Sumatra with her.

When u feel depresso have an espresso espresso pun

  • Today I slept in and didn’t have the time to make my espresso. Now I feel a little depresso.
  • Brewing a pot for the entire office is part of her daily grind, but she enjoys doing it.
  • I like my discussions as I like my coffee, hot and strong.
  • This double espresso is basically break fluid.
  • This Java applet is so slow, what can you do to improve it? Java is my daily grind; I’ll fix it this week.
  • He met this woman at the local bar, and he liked her very much, and he showed his appreciation. Unfortunately, after he spilled coffee on her shirt, she showed him only dis-stain.
  • I will not talk to my co-worker until he had his espresso, otherwise, he’ll lose his tamper.
  • She was a little hesitant about this strong beverage called espresso. She gave it a shot, anyway, and she liked it a latte.
  • The review said the book was like a cappuccino: “It was all froth and no substance.”
  • Sugar and Cream were complaining in the HR office: “We are being abused; everybody in the office is using us way too much.” “If you ask me”, said Cream, “this all because of that bad Coffee”.
  • The coffee tasted like mud because it was ground a couple of minutes ago.
  • Stealing someone’s coffee is called ‘mugging’
  • Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems.
  • Does a coffee shop have the grounds to operate in the black?
    Is coffee your daily grind?
  • She said she was going to meet me at 9:00 at Starbucks, but she came at 10:00 instead. I guess better latte than never.
  • “This coffee tastes like mud!” exclaims a customer in a coffee shop. “Not my fault”, explained the server, “it was ground a few minutes ago.”

Coffee Pun Mugs

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